The Rousser Companies

1983 to Present:
Mr. Rousser and/or his companies have been and continue to be actively involved in working with and representing ports, terminal operators, stevedoring companies, maritime service companies of various kinds, maritime real estate companies, developers, international companies, and other related entities. Brought to such activity and representation is over 30 years experience in the shipping and international business communities of Houston, Texas, and the Gulf Coast as well as national and international contacts and exposure.

1964 Through 1982:
Mr. Rousser directed the Worldwide Trade Development Program of the Port of Houston Authority and was responsible for budget expenditures, at the time in excess of $1 million per year. His authority extended over a General Sales Manager and staff, including a New York office of three persons, which developed cargo, ocean services and industrial development for the Port of Houston.
His authority also included an International Sales Manager and staff who were primarily responsible for port market development in Latin America. Also, Mr. Rousser has traveled extensively throughout the United States and the world and made pioneering visits to Moscow, Beijing and other areas for the Port. Mr. Rousser also directed a Manager of Communications and his staff who were responsible for public relations, media relations, the publishing of the "Port of Houston Magazine", brochure development and publication as well as a substantial advertising budget for domestic and worldwide exposure.

Knowledge of all phases of international business, particularly international shipping and allied activities, is second nature to C.A. Rousser. His efforts were primarily responsible for the award of the President's "E" Award in 1981 presented to the Port Authority by then Vice President Bush.

Mr. Rousser played the leading role in the creation and establishment of the Port of Houston's Foreign Trade Zone in the early 80's which serves the entire metropolitan area of Houston and Harris County; its creation and development were truly unique in that its innovative approach to multi-site locations was introduced and implemented.

His responsibilities also included decision-making and recommendations for the re-development of the Port Authority's capital improvements program ... the last of which amounts to $50 million. The development of public acceptance and consequent voter approval of general obligation bond elections were also his responsibility and Mr. Rousser and his staff were successful in such efforts. Mr. Rousser and his staff provided a pragmatic and commercial approach as well as the knowledge necessary to the successful development of the Port Authority's infrastructure over a considerable period of time.

Mr. Rousser also served on the Port Authority's Real Estate Committee wherein all decisions were taken concerning the leasing, disposition, acquisition or development of Port Authority and related properties.

Mr. Rousser served as Vice President and member of the Executive Committee of the Greater Houston Port Bureau for many years as well as other professional and civic organizations throughout the Houston area. He has been actively involved in the attraction and development of various industries in and around the Houston Ship Channel and the Houston community.

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